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Automated Robotic Hair Cutter

F2022 Warehouse Scanner

Scanner designed to optimize warehouse workflows

10X Genomics Xenium

a bioscience instrument that streamlines spatial biology experiments

She’s Birdie+

Personal Safety Alarm


Next Gen Sensor Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

AER Hair Dryer

Cordless Hair Drier

HX-S Series Keyboard

Split Ergonomic Keyboard

SHEbd Hemp Balm

Hemp Balm Packaging

GoBU H99 Mask

Antiviral Humidifying Facemask

Music Application

Internal UX/UI Project

Enphase Ensemble™ System

Powerwall Product Line

Strömma Watch

Plate Flip Watch

Hatch Baby Rest

Smart Baby Night Light

GE Healthcare

Clinician-Centric Workstation

Fathom VR

VR Headset Concept

ThinOptics FlashCard Case

Ultra Thin Glasses Case

Facebook Open Cellular

Open Source Wireless Access Platform

Hatch Baby Listen

Pregnancy Microphone

Hatch Baby Grow

Smart Changing Pad

Brocade / Broadcom

Data Center Enterprise Solutions


STR Analysis Machine

VSP Otto

Mobile Optometrists Eye Exam Tool


Automatic Sliding Pet Door

Harris Communications

Military Ruggedized Tablet

ThinOptics – Manhattan

Ultra Slim Titanium Case

Labcyte Echo

Liquid Handler


IoT Smart Home Devices


Cloud Storage Platform


Digital Organizer

Falcon Drone

Drone Concept

Wellness App UX

Internal UX/UI Project

Protein Simple Brand Language

Protein Analysis System

Medtronic / Covidien

Surgical Smart Generator

Gyros Protein UX

Medical GUI

Kedalion Therapeutics

Eye Medication Delivery System

LiquiBox Torrent

Large Scale Packaging Robot


Virtualized Datacenter Platform

Willow Garage

At Home Robot Concept

Unicorn – Pet Health App

Internal UX/UI Project

Studio Red's Archive

tely labs in home video conferencing
Tely Labs

Video Conference Camera

L1 internals engineering
L-1 Identity Solutions

Portable Iris Scanner

motorola front view render design
Motorola – CPEi300

Consumer Modem


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