GoBU H99 Mask


GoBU began development on its revolutionary mask before the Covid 19 pandemic. Originally created to treat ENT surgery patients, the mask now focuses on creating a safer experience for health conscious consumers. A replaceable filter protects the user from viral airborne particles while incorporating humidifying & aromatherapy elements. The mask protects the user’s health and the clear design helps to fight stigmas about wearing masks in public. During the mask’s development, research showed that a large percentage of users felt that communication was limited when wearing a mask. To address this, GoBU incorporates a clear mask and moves the filtration system to the side of the face removing visual obstructions. GoBU allows users to communicate and see each other’s faces freely to improve the way we communicate during the pandemic. It was also designed to make mask wearing more subtle and transparent, aiming to make mask wearing less divisive. While the mass adoption of the disposable mask during the pandemic has saved countless lives, it has also caused our environmental footprint to increase substantially. Masks are often found in the street and thrown away after a couple uses. Since the GoBU mask is reusable and made of 100% compostable materials, it encourages people to think more responsibly when purchasing personal wellness devices.