Gyros Protein Argonaut

Gyros Protein is a leading provider of solutions for peptide synthesis and bioanalysis. TheirĀ focus is on helping scientists in academia and industry to increase biomolecule performance and productivity in research, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, and bioprocess applications.


Gyros Protein approached StudioRed looking for more than “just a facelift.” They wanted this new industrial design to set a new standard and brand identity across the Gyros Protein Technologies product portfolio, that they would then extend through their future product offerings. After updating the design, with approval from the client, StudioRed fully engineered the device to a production ready state.

Along with the design of the new PurePep Chorus, Gyros Protein also wanted an updated UX/UI of their analytics instrument. You can learn about that part of the project here.

Learn more about the Gyros Protein PurePep Chorus Here.