Strömma watch side by side

Strömma Watch

In Swedish, Strömma means “flow”. And when you read the time on the Strömma watch, it does feel like it’s flowing!

Inspired by mechanical flip dot displays, The Strömma Watch is a conceptual watch using an hour hand and a series of plates which flip to indicate minutes passed. We worked to create the same cascading “flow” that is experienced when a flip dot display is rewritten; each time an hour passes, the minute plates flip back over in a similar cascading flow, hence the name Strömma (Swedish for “flow”). The Strömma watch design gives the wearer a breathtaking performance every hour.

We also wanted to maximize the readability of the watch; the bright contrasting segments clearly display how much of an hour has passed, similar to a pie chart. However, once each hour is finished, each plate flips back to show the matte black side in a smooth cascading flow back to its original look. The futuristic look of the watch combined with the traditional action of the flip dot display provides the wearer with a timeless piece to show off anywhere.

To minimize the total volume of the watch the face is concave to better follow the path of the segments as they rotate, the hour “hand” follows this curve to create a simple, large, and easy to read combination. With no visible pivot for the hour hand it appears to float just below the surface of the crystal.

The Strömma watch is designed to come in a variety of colors and allows for logos or other graphics to be printed onto the face of the plates.

This project also appeared on Yanko Design.

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