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The Crucial Need For Mechanical Design Services

So you’ve just completed your pre-order of your new, beautiful Ferrari Roma.  But how heart breaking would it be if when it arrived it was difficult and uncomfortable to sit in, the controls were not well placed or thought out, the passenger’s compartment became unusually hot after a short drive, the driving experience was not intuitive and that was when it was working.  Your neighbor commented how nice your car looked on the flatbed tow truck, while you waited for your Uber.  Over the years, mechanical design services have always been needed, but there are always a few things to look out for.

This actually was a bit of a concern in past decades, as these kinds of complaints were levied at many a good looking car, but ones that did not deliver on being a completely developed product for transportation.  Now do not fret and try to get your deposit back, as Ferrari, and many companies, have upped their game over the last few decades to deliver well thought out and reliable vehicles with amazing capabilities.  It did not come from the designers who penned the look, but from the mechanical design services tasked with engineering the product. 

This is true for all products that we interact with, depend on, and value.  The look of the product is important and can even imply quality, advanced capabilities and richness, but while a computer rendering can look very sleek for the new concept gadget, it cannot deliver on promises if it is not thought through during the product development phases.  Do the components fit inside the sleek design?  Do the product’s switches and knobs feel right and land where they should for ease of use?  Does the product work reliably?  Is it too loud?  Does it over heat, or does that sleek finish rub off in two weeks?  This is where having full end to end product development services, with capable mechanical design services is key.  The new dazzling product concept won’t be able to sell for a reasonable price if forethought hasn’t been put into how it is assembled, and if it breaks on the second use, how likely are you to buy again from that company? 

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These key product development steps, structural analysis, material selection, design for manufacturing, even safety and certification, all fall under mechanical design services and the broader engineering team that will be bringing the concept to reality.  No one wants their new coffee maker to burn down their house, even if the coffee maker won a design award.   A complete solution, product development firm can provide the full support to bring an idea to life with its broader team of mechanical design services, electrical engineers, thermal design analysts, software specialists, and a list of manufacturers that are proven at efficiently producing high quality products and meeting industry certifications.  Compared to an industrial design only firm or contract manufacturer, neither provides the total ownership of ensuring your idea’s success as they each are focused on their small part of the development, but product development specialists with mechanical design services, and an engineering team with decades of experience, can maintain the breathtaking looks of the concept, and working with the industrial designers can ensure that look is not lost through the engineering and manufacturing phases, so that the new idea can come to life as intended.

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Whether your new product concept needs custom designed lighting features, compact wireless access to the internet of things, voice activation, or design for government safety standards, having good mechanical design services and an experienced engineering team will be the key to getting to market with the least total cost when it is all done. 

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That is why StudioRed offers mechanical design services as a major aspect of our product development support as it is the backbone for our upfront research support, industrial design, analysis, electrical and software engineering team members, and manufacturing partners.  This approach prevents surprises and setbacks as expensive tooling and production plans are making the idea come to life, and with minimal fine tuning to release to market on time. 

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We even offer mechanical design services to review existing product designs to make them work better and more efficient to manufacture.  We can also perform preliminary reviews early on, to best guide the fabrication methods and production plans based on the type of product, its market and its sales volume goals. 

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So if you are looking to bring a product to market, be sure mechanical design services are included as part of your development team. 

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